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About ReachNow

What is ReachNow?

ReachNow is a premium on demand mobility service, owned by BMW Group. It provides various kinds of premium mobility service, including car sharing, Ridehailing etc. ReachNow is aimed to provide users with premium mobility service and experience as convenient as owning a car. Users just need a click to hail or reserve a car and then can enjoy mobility service instantly.

Where is ReachNow Ridehailing service available?

The ReachNow Ridehailing service is currently available in Chengdu. User can hail a car by click via the ReachNow APP at time 5:00a.m. to 0:00a.m and enjoy mobility service instantly. For further details of the service area, please refer to the APP.


How can I sign up?

Registration is easy. Please download the ReachNow APP to your smart phone. Open the APP and register with your phone number as is required and then obtain a verification code. After entering the verification code successfully, you can be a registered member.

I don't have a Chinese phone number. Can I still become a ReachNow member?

We are very sorry that currently you can use ReachNow service only with a valid Chinese phone number.

Booking a service

How can I book a ReachNow Ridehailing service?

Login the ReachNow APP. Choose the Ridehailing service that you need. Please enter the pick-up and drop-off locations, choose “BookNow” or “Pre-Book” with a pre-book pickup time, and then you can make a request.

What if I am late to pick up location?

The driver will call you after arriving at the designated location at the appointed time and can wait for you 15 minutes for free. You can request the driver to extend the waiting time. The part beyond 15 minutes will be charged for a duration fee. If the driver cannot reach you during the 15 minutes in any way, unfortunately the order will be automatically cancelled and need to be requested again.

Can I cancel the order after sending out the request?

Yes. You can click “Cancel Trip” in the ReachNow APP to cancel your order after sending out your request successfully. If you cancel the order after driver arriving at the designated pickup location and waiting for 15 minutes, you have to pay the corresponding waiting fee (duration fee).

Can I book a trip for someone else who doesn’t have a ReachNow account?

Yes. You can click “Book for Someone Else” in the ReachNow APP and choose the Ridehailing service that you need. Please enter the pick-up and drop-off locations, choose “BookNow” or “Pre-Book” with a pre-book pickup time, the rider’s phone number, and then you can make a request. We will inform you and the rider of the status of order completion via SMS.

Can I set up personalized preference when I’m sending my request?

Yes. You can choose your personal ride preference in ReachNow APP ride request page and make specific settings in the following options: “Temperature Set”, “Radio Channel”, “Do not Call”, “Open Door” and “Do not Disturb”. The driver will make preparation in advance according to your settings.

Service during Ride

Is smoking permitted in the car?

We are very sorry but in the interest of other riders and you, smoking is prohibited in the vehicle.

Do I need to pay for highway fees, parking fees, etc. generated during my ride?

Yes. The related fees generated during the trip will be charged together with trip fee in the APP.

Do I need to pay for amenities like water, tissue in the car?

You don’t need to pay for any amenities in the car. You can use them for free during the whole trip.

Do I need to pay for cleaning fee if I polluted the car?

According to the company provisions, you need to pay a maximum of 200 RMB for the cleaning costs.

What happens if I forget something in the car?

Don’t worry. You can call the driver or contact ReachNow Customer Service Call Center on 4008192682. The staff and the driver will help you.

How can I rate driver’s service quality?

You can give grades and make comments on the driver’s service quality in driver comment page in ReachNow APP after the trip ends.

How can I handle if I’m not satisfied with driver’s service quality?

If you are discontented with the driver’s service in the trip, and you cannot solve the problem with the driver through negotiation, you can make complaints via the ReachNow Customer Service Call Center 4008192682. We will appoint professionals to handle with your problem.

Price Tariff, Payment and Incentives

What is the ReachNow Ridehailing service tariff?

The tariff is as follows:

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay with the account balance, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, or coupon.

What if my credits cannot cover my trip payment?

If your account balance cannot cover your trip payment, you can recharge your account and pay for the trip with your account balance. Or you can directly pay with Ali Pay or WeChat Pay.

How can I top up my personal account balance?

You can top up your personal account balance with Ali Pay or WeChat Pay.

How can I get the invoice?

You can open your personal account in the ReachNow APP, choose “Wallet” and then enter the invoicing information in “Invoice” so as to obtain an invoice in electronic version.

How to use coupon?

You need to use the coupon according to the coupon regulations. The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. You can only use one coupon for each trip. When the trip ends, the system will suggest to use the available coupons in your account automatically. You have the right to choose not to use the coupon.

Can I ask for refund for my account?

After topping up your personal account, if you’ve used the coupons or gifted credits, then the top up cannot be refunded. If the top up incl. coupons or gifted credits have not been used yet, then you can ask for your refund within three months via ReachNow Customer Service Call Center 4008192682. The system will return all your account balance into your top-up account (Ali Pay or WeChat Pay). Currently we do not support to return your account balance partially.


How can I become a ReachNow driver?

You can call ReachNow Customer Service Call Center at 4008192682 to ask for more details. We will have professionals to answer your questions.